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Xavier Vignon (Consultant Winemaker, Rhône Valley)

Xavier Vignon is one of the top consultant winemakers in the south of France. He used to be a master Champagne blender (so he knows a thing or two about constructing wines) but now lives in Les Barroux in the Rhône Valley from where he visits around 300 estates to advise them on viticulture and vinification. At the end of each year, as he hands over his bill, he offers some of his employers to exchange it for barrels to make his own blends - well, that's more or less how it works. His preferred style is for intense flavours and big structures so, inevitably, he keeps the best wines for bottling under his own stylish label. They are superb wines which are earning him the recognition they well deserve in France - and they are beginning to become well-known in the UK. More...

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