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Antoine Lienhardt

If you are a Burgophile who simply wants excellent Pinot but are unconcerned with labels, Antione Lienhardt's wines will be just what you are looking for since, as most of the range comes from the humble Côte de Nuits, these are wines that punch well above their weight without breaking the bank.

As always in Burgundy (and elsewhere for that matter), it is the producer's name that is paramount and, until now, I hadn't heard of Antoine Lienhardt. Neither, for that matter had Burgundy expert Bill Nanson when I asked him if he had any experience of these wines. This is not altogether surprising as Antoine only took over the vineyards of his grandfather, Maurice Guyot, starting with the 2011 vintage. Prior to that, the vineyards had been in long-term lease since M. Guyot's retirement in 1992.

Wine lovers, and especially lovers of Burgundy who are familiar with our range, will be more familiar with the wines of Antoine's partner, Juliette Joblot whose father, Jean-Marc is often credited for single-handedly putting the Givry appellation on the map (and for that matter the whole Côte Chalonnaise). More...



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